Aeronautical Information

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About Aeronautical Information 

The AIS is responsible for the collection, validation, verification, approval, maintenance and distribution of Aeronautical Information and Aeronautical data concerning the entire territory of South Africa in accordance with ICAO’s standards and recommended practices (SARPS). The publication of aeronautical information is done through the following means:

  • Aeronautical Information Circulars – AICs
  • Notice to Airmen Plain Language Summaries – NOTAM Summaries;
  • Aeronautical Information Publication – AIP;
  • Aeronautical Information Publication Amendments- AIP amendments;
  • AIP Supplements – AIP SUPP.

Other associated services includeThe application for assignment of Radio Telephony call call-signs and 3 letter designators to Aircraft Operating Agencies, for example South African Airways: three letter designator “SAA” and telephony call sign “SPRINGBOK”, and the assignment of location indicators to licensed and in some instances unlicensed airfields where air traffic volumes necessitate the use of location indicators.