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The Department is comprised of three sections, namely Engineering Section, Aircraft Inspection and Registration Section and Aircraft Maintenance Organisations Section. Each of these sections is equipped with a wide-ranging level of expertise to discharge the required obligations.

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Important Notices

General Notice Relating To AIC 18-192023-12-01Download
General Notice Relating – Terminology Changes Relating To Part 1012023-12-07Download
SACAA Approved Mass And Balance Report2024-07-01Download
General Notice Relating To CAR 145.01.2(1)(b)2024-06-26Download
Recall Of Safety And Survival Equipment Maintained By TNM Aviation2018-11-20Download 421 kb
Access To ICAO Technical Publications2018-12-05Download 312 kb
FRMS Regulations Proposal2018-12-11Download 370 kb
Renewal And Reissue Of Authority To Fly2019-09-30Download 258 kb
Acceptance Of Maintenance Schedule For NTC Aircraft2019-10-20Download 482 kb
Guidance For Transport Of Cargo In The Aircraft Passenger Cabin – COVID 192020-04-17Download 629 kb
Closure Of ASO Related Queries And Complaints2020-10-27Download 450 kb
Application Process And Administrative Requirements For System Safety Assessment2021-06-10Download 509 kb
Availability Of Maintenance Logbooks To Record The Maintenance History Of Aircraft Or Engine Propeller2021-02-21Download 113 kb
RSA Safety Notice No 2022-001 – Applicable To All Aircraft Equipped With A Radio Altimeter – 5G2022-02-02Download 142 kb
Issuance Of DCA Directive In Relation To CAR 145.01.2(1)(b) And Procedure2022-06-02Download 1749 kb
FAA – 14 CFR Part 39 Airworthiness Directives Relating To The Boeing Company Airplanes – 13 April 20232023-04-13Download

Maintenance Organisations

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Design Organisations

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Manufacturing Organisations

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RPAS Safety Assessment Register

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Technical Guidance material and information pertinent to Airworthiness Department


Maintenance Organization Manual Of Procedures Review And ApprovalDownload 851 kb
Aircraft Maintenance Organisation CertificationDownload 1854 kb
Review And Approval Of Operator’s Maintanance Control ManualDownload 332 kb
Calibration Of Tools And Test EquipmentDownload 1376 kb
TGM For RPAS Proving Flight AuthorityDownload 383 kb
Authenticity And Serviceability Of ComponentsDownload 1317 kb
Unapproved Parts And ReportingDownload 1229 kb
TGM For Designated Airworthiness RepresentativesDownload 425 kb
TGM For ModificationsDownload 471 kb
TGM For RepairsDownload 424 kb
TGM For STCDownload 685 kb
TGM For The Issuance Special Flight PermitDownload 343 kb
TGM For The Export Airworthiness ApprovalDownload 437 kb
TGM For The Issuance Of The Certificate Of AirworthinessDownload 495 kb

Manufacturing Unit
  1. Technical Guidance Material for the Issuance of the Certificate of Airworthiness
Engineering Unit

TGM For Design Organisation ApprovalDownload 190 kb
TGM For Part Manufacturing ApprovalDownload 239 kb
TGM For Supplemental Type CertificateDownload 622 kb
TGM For ModificationsDownload 470 kb
TGM For Type AcceptanceDownload 359 kb
TGM For Aircraft Flight ManualDownload 308 kb
TGM For Part 21 ZA-TSODownload 1739 kb
TGM For Certification Of A Part 147 Design OrganizationDownload 493 kb
TGM – Part 21 SubPart 2 Type CertificationDownload 2619 kb
TGM For Major Repairs On Aeronautical ProductsDownload 802 kb
TGM Classification ChangeDownload 991 kb
TGM Experimental Certificate Of AirworthinessDownload 178 kb
TGM For Amateur-Built ArcraftDownload 416 kb
TGM For Type CertificationDownload 416 kb

Also see:

  1. Minimum document and requirements for Certification Data for Minor Modifications
  2. Approved Design Organisation FAQ

Type Acceptance Certificates

Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC) means an approval issued in terms of regulation South African Civil Aviation Regulations (SACAR) 21.04.5, which signifies SACAA acceptance of the foreign Type Certificate (TC) of a product (aircraft, engine, or propeller), for which the holder is the foreign Type Certificate (TC) holder.

The TAC defines the product design approval (TC) accepted, states who is the holder of the TAC, and lists any additional limitations or conditions applied for SACAA acceptance of the product. It also identifies the category of the product (standard, or restricted for special purpose operations).

In order to place an aircraft on the SA Civil Aircraft Register, the aircraft must have been issued a TAC by the Director, as per SACAR 47.00.5 (2) (a) (iv).

In order to issue a Certificate of Airworthiness for an imported aircraft, the aircraft must have been issued with a TAC by the Director, as per SACAR 21.08.4 (1) (b) (i), and the aircraft must conform to that TAC, as per SACAR 21.08.4 (2) (a).

These have been requirements since the promulgation of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations of 1997.

The Technical Guidance Material describes how the SACAA Certification Engineering section processes an application for the issuing of a TAC.

More information:

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find all TAC related FAQs.

Supplemental Type Certificates

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) means an approval issued in terms of regulation South African Civil Aviation Regulations (SCAR) 21.05.3, which authorizes the holder thereof to alter a product (aircraft, engine, or propeller) for which such holder may not the Type Certificate (TC) holder, by introducing a major change in the type design which is not great enough to require a new application for a TC.

The STC defines the product design change, states how the modification affects the existing type design, and lists serial number applicability. It also identifies the certification basis listing specific regulatory compliance for the design change.

Possession of an STC (approval) does not constitute rights to the design data or installation of that change/modification. The STC and its supporting data (drawings, instructions, specifications, etc.) are the property of the STC holder. Prospective users must contact the STC holder to obtain rights to use of the STC


Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find all STC related FAQs.

UAS Letter of Authorisation (Certification)

​To initiate the process, applicant must submit application form CA-101-RLA with appropriated fee.

  1. No UAS shall be operated within the Republic, unless such UAS has been issued with a letter of approval (RLA) by the Director.
  2. An application for the issuing or renewal of an RLA shall be made to the Director on the appropriate form and accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  3. The Director shall issue an RLA if the applicant complies with the requirements prescribed in regulation 101.02.2.
  4. An RLA shall be valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue.
  1. It is a responsibility of the applicant to observe and comply with any other laws of the country, e.g. municipal by-laws, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), etc.
  2. Continued system maintenance as per regulation 101.06.1 (1).

An applicant has three options to acquire letter of approval for an UAS. Different options are stipulated in regulation 101.02.2 (1). For all three options, applicants should submit the substantiating documentation which supports the application.

Submitted documentation should substantiate that the UAS in question is capable of being operated safely for the work it will be deployed for. The evaluation process will consider the contents of Operational Specifications (OpsSpec) issued by the Director as part of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operating Certificate (UASOC).

Requirements for system safety are stipulated in Regulation 101.02.2 (1) and Document SA-CATS 101. Please also refer to TGM for Part 101 UAS/RPAS Letter of Approval for more information. Please click here to access the TGM.


The SACAA will consider documentation for previously approved RLA for similar UAS. Should operational conditions change, SACAA may request more documentation or substantiation to cover the differences.

Upon complying with all requirements, the Director will issue a UAS Letter of Approval.

South African Airworthiness Directives and Maintenance Advisory Notices

Airworthiness DirectiveRSA AD 2018-001 – Hartzell Composite Propeller Blade Families2018-12-05Download 229 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveAD 2019-001 – Cessna Aircraft Wing Spar Eddy Recurrent Inspection To Prevent Corrosion2019-08-25Download 1063 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveAD 2020-001 – Cirrus SR22 And SR22T2020-09-06Download 1252 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveAD 2021-001 – Rolls Royce Engine Emergency RSAD2021-06-10Download 1228 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveRolls-Royce – Maintenance Warning, External Lines2019-07-07Download 804 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveEASAAD – ATA 73 Engine Fuel And Control – Engine Fuel System Pipes – Inspection2021-07-14Download 350 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveRolls Royce – Maintenance Waring External Lines2021-07-14Download 804 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveAllison Engine Company – Engine Fuel And Air System Pc Scroll To PC Filter Tube Assy Inspection2021-07-14Download 313 kb
Airworthiness DirectiveAD 2023-001 – Piper Aircraft RSA ADDownload 489 kb


Please note that Forms CA 21-02 and 24-03 have been updated and with effect from the 1st of October 2016, the old Forms will no longer be accepted.

CA 148-01Application for manufacturing organisation approvalPart 148Download 203 kb
CA 43-12DER Modification Approval FormPart 43Download 102 kb
CA 101-15Checklist for Issuance of RLAPart 101Download 196 kb
CA 43-06Suspected Unapproved Parts ReportPart 43Download 70 kb
CA 21-09Application for issue of ZA-PMAPart 21Download 118 kb
CA 147-02Design Organisation- POPSPart 147Download 143 kb
CA 147-01Application for a design organisation approvalPart 147Download 101 kb
CA 147-03Design Organisation Statement of CompliancePart 147Download 215 kb
CA 145-02Proposed Maintenance Organisation Certification Job Aid and Schedule of EventsPart 145Download 97 kb
CA 145-24Statement of CompliancePart 145Download 397 kb
CA 145-01Application for AMO ApprovalPart 145Download 219 kb
CA 145-23AMO Prospective Operators Pre-Assessment Statement (POPS)Part 145Download 94 kb
CA 21-19Authorised Released CertificatePart 21Download 195 kb
CA 21-34Flight performance record for rotorcraftPart 21Download 201 kb
CA 24-05Application for NTCA Special Flight PermitPart 24Download 168 kb
CA 43-15Aircraft defect reportPart 43Download 103 kb
CA 101-29RPAS Manufacturers Declaration FormPart 101Download 58 kb
CA 21-12Application for issue of ZA-TSOPart 21Download 153 kb
CA 148-15Certification Statement of CompliancePart 148Download 214 kb
CA 148-11Prospective Manufacturer’s Pre-Assessment Statement (PMPS)Part 148Download 87 kb
CA 21-44Statement fo ConformityPart 21Download 126 kb
CA 24-10Statement of ConformityPart 24Download 86 kb
CA 148-16Proposed Schedule of EventsPart 148Download 148 kb
CA 24-02Application for the issue of an authority to flyPart 24Download 216 kb
CA 43-17DER Repair Approval FormPart 43Download 45 kb
CA 147-06Application for Designated Engineering RepresentativePart 147Download 178 kb
CA 21-02Application for type certificatePart 21Download 176 kb
CA 21-04Application for type acceptancePart 21Download 183 kb
CA 43-04Document list for Modification or Repairs ApprovalPart 43Download 75 kb
CA 21-03Application for renewal of Certificate of AirworthinessPart 21Download 175 kb
CA 21-08Application for Certificate of AirworthinessPart 21Download 170 kb
CA 21-11Application for Export Certificate of AirworthinessPart 21Download 185 kb
CA 21-18Flight performance record fo fixed wing aircraft with Single -engine or Multi enginePart 21Download 409 kb
CA 21-05Supplemental Type Certificate ApplicationPart 21Download 179 kb
CA 21-07Application for production certificatePart 21Download 158 kb
CA 24-08Application for aircraft type approvalPart 24Download 160 kb
CA 21-49Application for Certificate Of Airworthiness for Experimental Test FlightsPart 21Download 188 kb
CA 24-01Application for Proving Flight AuthorisationPart 24Download 230 kb
CA 43-14Application for Approval of ModificationPart 43Download 164 kb
CA 21-45Application for approval of a major change in a type designPart 21Download 180 kb
CA 43-18Application for Approval of RepairPart 43Download 164 kb
CA 36-02Application for issue of Noise CertificatePart 36Download 178 kb
CA 24-07Application for Amateur Aircraft Build NumberPart 24Download 185 kb
CA 148-12Application for Export Approval Tag – Class II and IIIPart 148Download 152 kb
CA 183-442IDERA RevocationPart 47Download 208 kb
MAR 4Application for Registration of Deed of CessionPart 47Download 225 kb
CA 47-R5Application for Duplicate of Certificate of Registration RPAPart 47Download 127 kb
MAR 3Notification of Discharge of Aircraft MortgagePart 47Download 206 kb
CA 183-441IDERA LodgementPart 47Download 206 kb
MAR 2.1Application for Registration of Deed of MortgagePart 47Download 226 kb
MAR 2.2Application for registration of Deed of Mortgage (current account)Part 47Download 290 kb
CA 47-12Application for Reservation of Test Flight Reg Letters a Confirmation of Non-RegistrationPart 47Download 178 kb
CA 47-A3Application for Duplicate Certificate of RegistrationPart 47Download 179 kb
CA 47-11Application for Reservation of Special Registration MarksPart 47Download 176 kb
CA 47-R2Application for Change of Ownership RPAPart 47Download 209 kb
CA 47-A5Application for CancellationPart 47Download 211 kb
CA 47-R4Application for Amendment of Certificate of Registration RPAPart 47Download 170 kb
CA 47-R3Application for Cancellation of Registration RPAPart 47Download 192 kb
CA 47-R1Application for Registration of Remotely Piloted AircraftPart 47Download 199 kb
CA 47-A2Application for Amendment of Certificate of RegistrationPart 47Download 193 kb
CA 47Q-05Application for the Allocation of Test Flight Registration Letters to Local ManufacturersPart 47Download 99 kb
CA 47-A4Application for Change of OwnershipPart 47Download 226 kb
CA 47Q-06Application for Confirmation of Non-registrationPart 47Download 181 kb
CA 91-10Application for Duplicate Documents On Board AircraftPart 91Download 148 kb
CA 91-02 406ELT Registration FormPart 91Download 161 kb
CA 91-12Application for Mode S transponder codePart 91Download 68 kb
CA 91-28Application for Mass and Balance approvalPart 91Download 44 kb
CA 24-03Application for the renewal of an authority to fly NTCAPart 24Download 148 kb
CA 24-57Declaration of Construction CompletionPart 24Download 132 kb
CA 24-56Application for Foreign Amateur-Built Aircraft AcceptancePart 24Download 152 kb
CA 101-17Application for RLA Renewal or Re-issuePart 101Download 164 kb
CA 24-15Application for the Renewal of an ATF Conventional Self Launch or Touring Motor GlidersPart 24Download 118 kb
CA 91-13Application for RVSM ApprovalPart 91Download 175 kb
CA 101-25Application for Initial RLAPart 101Download 121 kb
CA 101-24Application for RPAS System Safety ApprovalPart 101Download 123 kb
CA 145-01Application for AMO ApprovalPart 145Download 220 kb
CA 43-02Annual Maintenance Review Report for AeroplanePart 43Download 169 kb
CA 44-01Annual Maintenance review report for NTCAPart 44Download 175 kb
CA 43-03Annual Maintenance Review Report – HelicopterPart 43Download 161 kb
CA 145-06aApplication for Designated Airworthiness RepresentativePart 145Download 179 kb
CA 43-05Inspection report for hot air balloonPart 43Download 68 kb
CA 47-A1Application for New Registration of Manned AircraftPart 47Download 68 kb
CA 47-A2aChecklist for Receiving & Processing Amendment of C of R TransactionPart 47Download 68 kb
CA 21-15Application for Special Flight PermitPart 21Download 68 kb

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Foreign Airworthiness Directives

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