Legal Notices

Notices Relating to Exemptions

General Exemption relating to CARs 139, Subpart 5

Click here to read a general exemption from compliance with CARs 139, Subpart 5 and the associated Civil Aviation Technical Standards

General Exemption Relating to AIC 18-19

Click here to read a General Exemption relating to AIC 18-19

General Exemption

Click here to read a notice of approval of General Exemption from compliance with the provision of Part 91.07.3 (1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations.

Applications for Exemptions/ Special Approvals/ Alternative Means of Compliance

All applicants for regulations or technical standards deviation requests  (Exemption, Alternative Mean of Compliance, or Special Approval) must complete the applicable form, as listed below.  Click on the links to access corresponding forms.

Technical Guidance Material for Exemption, Alternative Means of Compliance or Special Approval Applications

Click here to access the TGM relating to deviations from the Civil Aviation Regulations and Technical Standards.

General Notices

  • Notice of withdrawal of rules, regulating the conduct of the proceedings of the Appeals Committee
  • Notice of extension for the submission of written comment and presentation in respect of the Fuel Levy Determination for the increase of fuel levy. 
  • Notice for extension to the public for the submission of comment and presentation on the Fifth Amendment of the Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations.
  • Notification of NPRM for Drug and Alcohol Testing of Certificated Repair Station Employees located outside the U.S.
  • Notice of Interpretation and Application of Part 91 04.24 (2)(c) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011
  • Notice of Recognised Alternative Means of Approval form Compliance with the provisions of Part 65.07 and Part 65.08 of the Civil Aviation Regulations.

Enforcement (RPAS) Case Reporting Checklist

Please open the attachment to view form CA 185-15 relating to Enforcement (RPAS) Case Reporting Checklist 071217.

ICAO Publications

Please note that ICAO publication distributers may be found by going to

ICAO Annexes and Documentation

ICAO Annexes and documents may be purchased through Aver Air Training.  Contact person is Monique Bethwaite at 011 974 4855 or

Fees for the lodging of appeals

​Open the attached file to view fees and banking details for the lodging of appeals in terms of Section 118, 119 and 120 of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009).

Template for CARCom Proposals 

Open the attachment to view the template for Carcom Proposals.

Appeals to the appeal committee

Appeals to the appeal committee should be lodged with the Department of Transport at the following:

Patience Mabasa
National Department of Transport
Civil Aviation Safety
Tel No: 012 309 3278
Fax No: 012 309 3468

Promulgated Regulations

Original Regulations

Full original PDF version of the Regulations.

Promulgated Technical Standards

SA CATS 1 of 2022

Please Note that the Director of Civil Aviation on 18 March 2022 promulgated the SA-CATS 1 of 2022 relating to Aviation Security. 

Further Note that these SA-CATS are confidential in nature and can only be accessed on application by persons or organisations approved to gain access by the Executive: Aviation Security.

Please send your application for access to:​

Executive: Aviation Security
C/O The Technical Manager
Phatsimo Modise

Proposed Amendment to Regulations (CAR) and Technical Standards (CATS) ‎

Proposed Amendments to CATS and CAR (26 April 2024)

The Minister of Transport intends, in terms of Section 155(1) of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009) and on the recommendation of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCom), to amend the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011, by the Amendment of the following Parts set out in Schedules below:

Schedule 1

Part 1 (Definitions and Abbreviations)

Schedule 2

Part 1 (Definitions: Persons living with Disabilities)

Schedule 3

Part 61.01.10 (Pilot Licensing)

Schedule 4

Part 127 (Commercial Helicopter Operations: Passengers, Cargo and Mail)

Schedule 5

Part 171 (Aeronautical Telecommunication Service Providers)

The Director of Civil Aviation intends, in terms of Section 163 of the Civil Aviation Act and on Recommendation of CARCom, to amend the Technical Standards by the Amendment of the following Parts set out in the Schedules below:

Schedule 6

SA-CATS 43.02.8 (General Maintenance Rules)

Schedule 7

SA-CATS 121 (Air Transport Operations)

Schedule 8

SA-CATS 139 (Aerodromes and Heliports)

Electronic copies of the draft Amendments may be requested from Susan Ndlovu at

Interested persons are hereby invited to submit written comments on these draft Amendments on or before the 26 May 2024 to the Chairperson of CARCom, for the attention of:

Sipho Skosana 
Private Bag X73  
Halfway House 

Tel: 011 545 1095 
Email: or       

Regulatory Information