Flight Operations

About Flight Operations

Safety is the most important aspect of any operation. Flight Operations plays a vital role in enforcing regulations and conducting safety oversight within the industry. Some aspects of Flight Operations are listed as AOC Audits, aimed at carrying out inspections on valid operators who hold an AOC (Aircraft Operation Certificate) to conduct business and Inspections, carried out at various airports or facilities to ensure safety and compliance. These inspections may be done on the ramp, or by surveillance.

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SA Air Charter Guide

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UAS Operators

  • Abeod (Pty) Ltd
  • Active Blue Productions and Marketing CC​
  • Aeromapix (Pty) Ltd
  • Agizo (Pty) Ltd
  • Agridrone (Pty) Ltd 
  • Agrihawk (Pty) Ltd
  • ALL About Drones (PTY) LTD
  • Anglo Operations (Pty) Ltd – Coprorate ROC
  • Atlantic Tech Group (Pty) Ltd
  • Aviation UAV (Pty) Ltd
  • BAC Helicopters CC
  • Banzoflash (Pty) Ltd
  • Bridging Digital Divide Group (Pty) Ltd​
  • CAD Mapping (Pty) Ltd
  • Caelum Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Cairn UAS Division (Pty) Ltd
  • CCD Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Cymbidium Safety Group (Pty) Ltd (Corporate)
  • Compact Aerial Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Corporate Aviation Management Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Cortac (Pty) Ltd
  • Council For Geoscience – Corporate UASOC
  • Darkwing Aerials (Pty) Ltd
  • DC Geomatics (Pty) Ltd
  • Diaruk (Pty) T/A Kimfly Charters
  • Directional Survey and Mappint (Pty) Ltd
  • Drone One (Pty) Ltd​
  • Drone Ops (Pty) Ltd
  • Drone Pilot School (Pty) Ltd
  • Drone Systems Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • Droneinsight (Pty) Ltd
  • Dronepix (Pty) Ltd
  • Eagle Drone Service (Pty) Ltd
  • EMS – Western Cape Government Health – Non- Profit ROC
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust
  • Epic Air Aerial Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Eugene Pretorius & Associates (Pty) Ltd
  • FC Hamman Films CC
  • Garden Route Media (Pty) Ltd
  • GC Geofly (Pty) Ltd
  • Gemini GIS & Environmental Services CC
  • Gert Ssibande District Municipality (Corporate)
  • Greenfly Aviation (Pty) Ltd
  • Helicam
  • Helivate (Pty) Ltd
  • Heli – X Charters (Pty) Ltd
  • Henley Air (Pty) Ltd
  • Hensoldt Optronics (Pty) Ltd
  • Higher Results People (Pty) Ltd T/A Drone IT
  • Idube Forestry 2 CC
  • Incredible Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Infinity Aerial (Pty) Ltd
  • Integrated Aerial Systems (Pty) Ltd
  • Kelvinair (Pty) Ltd – Corporate ROC
  • Kwazulu-Natal Nature Conservation Services T/A Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Corporate)
  • Liebenconsult (Pty) Ltd
  • Look Up Productions CC
  • LS Multicopter Projects and Services (Pty) Ltd
  • MS Aviation (Pty) Ltd – Corporate ROC
  • Nelson Mandela University
  • Neo Precision (Pty) Ltd
  • NTG Solutions CC
  • PacSys (Pty) Ltd
  • Parthenius Project Consultants (Pty) Ltd
  • Peakfull CC
  • Premier Aviation CC
  • Pro Wings Training (Pty) Ltd
  • Purple Turtle Aviation CC
  • Quemic Africa (PTY) Ltd
  • Robot Air (Pty) Ltd
  • Rocketmine (Pty) Ltd
  • Ronin Inventory Management Systems (Pty) Ltd
  • RPAS Consulting (Pty) Ltd
  • SABC
  • Salaria (Pty) Ltd
  • Saphire Blue (Pty) Ltd
  • Sasol Mining (Pty) Ltd – Corporate ROC
  • Scarab Industries CC
  • Sibanye Stillwater LTD – Corporate UASOC
  • Sky High Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Skyhook (Pty) Ltd
  • Skyriders Access Specilists (Pty) Ltd
  • SMQ Technical Services (Pty) Ltd
  • SNA Civil and Structural Engineers (Pty) Ltd – Corporate ROC
  • Snap Developments (Pty) Ltd
  • South African National Blood Service ​
  • Starlite Aviation (Pty) Ltd
  • Streamline Cinema (Pty) Ltd
  • Surveying and Resource Management CC to the ROC ​
  • Terra Survey (Pty) Ltd
  • Tharisa Minerals (Pty) Ltd – Coporate ROC
  • The iGlobe Group Control (Pty) Ltd
  • Tristan Export (Pty) Ltd
  • UAV & Drone Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • UAV Aerial Works (Pty) Ltd
  • UAV Industries (Pty) Ltd
  • UAV Inspection (Pty) Ltd
  • UAV Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Visual Air Productions (Pty) Ltd
  • Visuals from Above (Pty) Ltd
  • VPM Surveys CC
  • Vula Aviation Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Wrend Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • Western Cape Department of Agriculture
  • Zutari (Pty) Ltd – Corporate ROC

Technical Guidance Material

CA AOC FO 015Technical Guidance MaterialFor Demonstrating and Special Demonstration FlightsDownload 359 kb
CA AOC 008Approval of Minimum Equipment List (MEL)and Configuration Deviation Lists (CDL) CA AOC-008Download 208 kb
TGM For Safety CaseDownload 365 kb
TGM FOD AW Approval Of The Operator’s Maintenance ProgrammeDownload 354 kb
CA AOC-F-009AOC Manual Control RosterDownload 596 kb
CA AOC-F-008Proposed Schedule of EventsDownload 309 kb
CA AOC-F-006Schedule of events (Certification checklist)Download 548 kb
CA AOC-F-004Quality system training outlineDownload 77 kb
CA AOC-F-003aOperator Re-validation Assesment FormDownload 335 kb
CA AOC-F-003Prospective operator’s pre-assessment statement (POPS)Download 321 kb
CA AOC-C-017cPart 127 Statement of ComplianceDownload 285 kb
CA AOC-C-017bPart 135 Statement of ComplianceDownload 289 kb
CA AOC-C-017a Part 121Statement of ComplianceDownload 310 kb
TGM For Operator’s Quality SystemDownload 310 kb
TGM For Location Of An Aeroplane In DistressDownload 310 kb
TGM For Gate RequirementsDownload 310 kb
TGM For Charter Flight Operations Passenger Safety Information Briefing Briefing CardsDownload 310 kb
TGM For Charter Flight Operations Aircraft Fuel ControlDownload 310 kb
TGM For Certification ProcessDownload 310 kb
TGM TGM For Evaluating Lease AgreementsDownload 310 kb
TGM Review And Approval Of Operator’s Maintanance Control Manual.pdfDownload 310 kb
TGM Facility Inspection Of Air OperatorsDownload 310 kb
TGM Approval Of Company Check PilotDownload 310 kb
TGM Line Station Operation ManualDownload 310 kb
TGM For Operators De-Icing ProgramDownload 310 kb
TGM For Evaluating Lease AgreementsDownload 310 kb
TGM For Aircraft Mass And Balance ControlDownload 310 kb
TGM For Aircraft Ground Handling And ServicingDownload 310 kb
TGM Perfomance Based NavigationDownload 310 kb
TGM Fatigue Risk Management SystemDownload 310 kb
TGM FOD AW Continuing Oversight Maintenance ProgrammeDownload 310 kb
TGM Conducting Base InspectionDownload 310 kb
TGM Continuing Airworthiness Oversight Of AircraftDownload 310 kb
TGM For RVSM ApprovalDownload 310 kb
TGM For Condcuting Station Facilities InspectionsDownload 310 kb
TGM Part 101 RPAS Operations ManualDownload 310 kb
TGM FOR Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO)Download 310 kb
TGM Evaluate Operator’s Weight And BalanceDownload 310 kb
TGM For Reduced VisibilityDownload 310 kb
TGM FOD AW Inspecting Aircraft Used For Air AmbulanceDownload 310 kb
TGM FOD AW Continuing Safety Oversight Of The Operator’s Maintenance ResponsibilityDownload 310 kb
TGM FOD AW Airworthiness Surveillance Of Air OperatorsDownload 310 kb
TGM FOD AW Cabin En-Route InspectionsDownload 310 kb

Forms and Checklists

CA 91-27Application for MEL approvalAOCDownload 157 kb
CA 135-05Annual Audit Checklist Part 135High-Low CapacityDownload 511 kb
CA 135-02Ramp Inspection FormHigh-Low CapacityDownload 96 kb
CA 121-10Ad-Hoc Inspection FormHigh-Low CapacityDownload 79 kb
CA 121-18Audit Checklist 121 OperatorsHigh-Low CapacityDownload 682 kb
CA 121-07Manual Approval ChecklistHigh-Low CapacityDownload 820 kb
CA 121-13Ramp Inspection ReportHigh-Low CapacityDownload 63 kb
CA 121-31Pilot in Command’s Discretion ReportHigh-Low CapacityDownload 172 kb
CA 135-08Operations Manual Approval ChecklistHigh-Low CapacityDownload 460 kb
CA 43-19Maintennace Control Sytem Statement of ComplianceAerial WorkDownload 405 kb
CA 43-C-04Aircraft Maintenance Programme Approval for 121 AircraftHigh-Low CapacityDownload 96 kb
CA 43-C-05Aircraft Maintenance Programme Approval for 135 AircraftAerial WorkDownload 97 kb
CA 43-C-06Helicopter Maintenance Programme ApprovalAerial WorkDownload 97 kb
CA 43-C-07Maintenance control manual Approval 160419Aerial WorkDownload 104 kb
CA 127-02FOD Ramp Inspection ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 92 kb
CA 127-03Checklist Operations AuditAerial WorkDownload 402 kb
CA 127-04Surveillance reportAerial WorkDownload 76 kb
CA 127-05Audit and Inspection checklist for AOC issuance and renewalAerial WorkDownload 257 kb
CA 127-06Heliport Helistop ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 91 kb
CA 127-07Manual Approval ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 356 kb
CA 43-01Inspection Checklist 43 MCMAerial WorkDownload 172 kb
CA 183-437Fatigue Risk Management ChecklistAOCDownload 190 kb
CA AOC 02Standard Operating Procedure review checklistHigh-Low CapacityDownload 224 kb
CA 101-08Part 101 Flight Ops Initial Annual Audit ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 375 kb
CA 101-28Part 101 Demonstration ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 304 kb
CA 101-29Part 101 Initial-Annual Audit Checklist AirworthinessAerial WorkDownload 266 kb
CA 121-20En-Route Surveillance Inspection ChecklistHigh-Low CapacityDownload 106 kb
CA 91-17FOD Application for EDTOAOCDownload 185 kb
CA 101-03Part 101 Application for Issue or Renewal of RPAS Operating CertificateAerial WorkDownload 175 kb
CA 121-11Cabin Crew Member Manual Approval ChecklistCabin SafetyDownload 433 kb
CA 121-01Cabin Safety AOC FormCabin SafetyDownload 258 kb
CA 135-15Application for Pilot Checking Personnel Part 135High-Low CapacityDownload 154 kb
CA 135-10Pilot in Command’s Discretion ReportHigh-Low CapacityDownload 162 kb
CA 121-37Application for Pilot Checking Personnel Part 121High-Low CapacityDownload 150 kb
CA 133-01Application for external load operationsHigh-Low CapacityDownload 62 kb
CA 121-36Application for Company Check Pilot Part 121High-Low CapacityDownload 98 kb
CA 121-30Manuals & amendments – control sheetHigh-Low CapacityDownload 123 kb
CA 121-35Application for Company Check Cabin Crew MemberHigh-Low CapacityDownload 148 kb
CA 135-14Application for Company Check Pilot Part 135High-Low CapacityDownload 156 kb
CA 48-02FOD Application For Leases Agreement ApprovalPart 48Download 168 kb
CA 43-09Application for maintenance program approvalAirworthinessDownload 168 kb
CA 43-11Application for maintenance control manual approvalAirworthinessDownload 218 kb
CA 91-29Reliability programmes approval checklistAOCDownload 192 kb
CA 91-27Application for MEL approvalAOCDownload 157 kb
CA 91-18FOD Application for LVOAOCDownload 96 kb
CA 91-17FOD Application for EDTOAOCDownload 186 kb
CA 91-16FOD Application For Special Navigation OperationsAOCDownload 174 kb
CA 91-13Application for RVSM approvalAOCDownload 175 kb
CA 91-06Application for ad hoc helicopter landingsAOCDownload 156 kb
CA AOC-01Application for issue, renewal, amendment or notification of changes to AOCAOCDownload 167 kb
CA 101-03 4Notification of RPAS differences – familiarisation trainingAerial WorkDownload 46 kb
CA 101-20Part 101 Applicaation for RPAS OperationsAerial WorkDownload 139 kb
CA 101-19Part 101 Application for Amendment to RPAS Operating CertificateAerial WorkDownload 190 kb
CA 101-18Part 101 Approval for Public Event OperationsAerial WorkDownload 130 kb
CA 101-16Application for RPAS flight authorizationAerial WorkDownload 164 kb
CA 101-14Part 101 Schedule of EventsAerial WorkDownload 261 kb
CA 101-13Part 101 Proposed Schedule of EventsAerial WorkDownload 192 kb
CA 101-10Part 101 Prospective RPAS Pre-Assessment Statement (POPS)Aerial WorkDownload 203 kb
CA 101-23Application for appointment as DREAerial WorkDownload 61 kb
CA 101-22DRE Oversight ReportAerial WorkDownload 121 kb
CA 101-30Approval for Public Event OperationsAerial WorkDownload 111 kb
CA 101-21Assessment for the Appointment as DREAerial WorkDownload 151 kb
CA 101-03.2Application for RPAS LicenceAerial WorkDownload 134 kb
CA 101-03.3Skills test for RPAS LicenceAerial WorkDownload 264 kb
CA 101-03.5Initial skills test or revalidation check report RPASAerial WorkDownload 303 kb
CA 101-04Part 101 Admin Checklist for issue of RPAS Operating CertificateAerial WorkDownload 94 kb
CA 101-06.3Application for RMT licenseAerial WorkDownload 167 kb
CA 101-06.3cChecklist for Issue of RMTAerial WorkDownload 141 kb
CA 101-03Part 101 Application for Issue or Renewal of RPAS Operating CertificateAerial WorkDownload 175 kb
CA 101-02Part 101 Letter of intent for ROCAerial WorkDownload 104 kb
CA 101-01Application for RPAS Letter of approvalAerial WorkDownload 150 kb
CA 135-06Crop SprayersHigh-Low CapacityDownload 247 kb
CA 136-01Operations Manual Approval ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 277 kb
CA 136-02Statement of Compliance Template and ChecklistAerial WorkDownload 189 kb