Procedure Design and Cartography

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The primary role of Procedure, Design and Cartography section is to conduct safety oversight over Flight Procedure Design Organisations and Aeronautical Cartography Service Providers. This is done through the approval of Flight Procedure Design Organisations and Instrument Flight Procedures. 

Furthermore, a Geographical Information System (GIS) is used for the creation and maintenance an aeronautical and obstacle database to provide a GIS service to the PANS-OPS section and other SACAA

Notices and Newsletters

PANS-OPS Notice 1/2019: Differences to ICAO SARPs: ICAO Annex 4 & ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2

Kindly note that significant differences to ICAO Annex 4 & ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 are published in AIP GEN 1.7 available by clicking here.

Height Restrictions Over National Parks and Heritage Sites

NEMPAA NP09 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP11 V1.0Download 453 kb
NEMPAA NP12 V1.0Download 482 kb
NEMPAA NP13 V1.0Download 488 kb
NEMPAA NP14 V1.0Download 435 kb
NEMPAA NP15 V1.0Download 451 kb
NEMPAA NP16 V1.0Download 472 kb
NEMPAA NP17 V1.0Download 791 kb
NEMPAA NP20 V1.0Download 438 kb
NEMPAA WHS01 V1.0Download 463 kb
NEMPAA WHS04 V1.0Download 415 kb
NEMPAA WHS06 V1.0Download 400 kb
NEMPAA WHS07 V1.0Download 533 kb
NEMPAA NP02 V1.0Download 415 kb
NEMPAA WHS08 V1.0Download 612 kb
NEMPAA WHS10 V1.0Download 440 kb
NEMPAA WHS11 V1.0Download 212 kb
NEMPAA WHS12 V1.0Download 434 kb
NEMPAA WHS13 V1.0Download 344 kb
NEMPAA WHS14 V1.0Download 421 kb
NEMPAA WHS15 V1.0Download 377 kb
NEMPAA WHS16 V1.0Download 653 kb
NEMPAA WHS09 V2.0Download 1460 kb
NEMPAA NP And WHS Wall Chart A0 V1.0Download 9171 kb
NEMPAA NP01 V2.0Download 1505 kb
NEMPAA NP10 V2.0Download 988 kb
NEMPAA WHS05 V1.0Download 400 kb
NEMPAA NP08 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA WHS03 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA WHS02 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP07 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP21 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP19 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP18 V1.0Download 389 kb
NEMPAA NP03 V1.0Download 405 kb
NEMPAA NP04 V1.0Download 473 kb
NEMPAA NP05 V1.0Download 419 kb
NEMPAA NP06 V1.0Download 545 kb


  • CA 173-01 – Application for the issue, amendment or renewal of flight procedure design organisation approval.
  • CA 177-01 – Application for the issue, amendment or renewal of aeronautical cartography service provider approval