Socio-Economic Development

About our Socio-Economic Development Programmes

As a good corporate citizen, it is important for the SACAA to make an impact beyond its mandate of controlling, promoting, regulating, supporting, developing, enforcing, and continuously improving levels of safety and security throughout the civil aviation industry.

The SACAA explores transformation-related initiatives to help address the imbalances of the past, including the triple challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment through its socio-economic development (SED) projects.

Our programme is primarily focused on the education and poverty alleviation of our communities across the country, especially where women, youth and children are concerned.


The Youth Headed Families Project

The SACAA has intensified and solidified its commitment to assisting in the alleviation of poverty in the country, by introducing another Socio–Economic Development (SED) programme that was targeted at child/youth-headed households.  

Child/youth-headed households are a common phenomenon and have become an integral part of our country. By definition, a child-headed household is where minors, under the age of 18 years, care for their younger siblings and taking charge of the households in terms of decision-making responsibilities, which includes the responsibility of providing for the physical, social and emotional needs of their siblings or any other persons living in the household.

The SACAA programme currently caters mainly for youth headed families. The programme involves the donation of monthly grocery vouchers to the families, enabling them to redirect their social grant money to other basic needs, thereby improving their holistic livelihood.

The IFLYSTEM Project

We support public high schools to improve the academic performance of a selected group of learners in the area of Maths and Science while building the learners confidence with career and leadership development skills.

Interventions made through the programme led to the increase in the number of learners that were interested in careers within the aviation industry, but with no funding to support their dreams.

The SACAA Bursary programme provides financial support to students from previously disadvantaged communities to assist them in accessing opportunities within the aviation industry. Students are funded to study Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and the Pilot Programme.

Both the SACAA Bursary programmes and those offered by the industry stakeholders opened a world of opportunities for the youth. However, many learners are not eligible to apply for the bursary programme due to poor Mathematics and Science grades.

School administrators have cited the inadequate number of teachers in the Maths and Science classes, especially in the public schools, as one of the major contributing factors to this dilemma. Maths and Science are two important subjects for learners who want to pursue careers within aviation, medicine, engineering, and technology. To mitigate this challenge, the iFlySTEM project was introduced to address one of the education system’s biggest challenges.

The iFlySTEM programme supports initiatives that are aimed at improving the performance of learners who are far below par in the Maths and Science grades, through the provision of extra classes. Studies have shown that the extra Maths and Science lessons have contributed to learners’ improved performance in these subjects.

The School Support Programme

The school support programme aims to reinforce the commitment made by the organisation to prioritise education as one of its key priority areas of its SED policy.  The organisation supports schools through once off donations of identified needs by the school. 

We support public primary schools in rural areas with ad hoc essential needs that helps improve the wellbeing and technological skills of their learners.

The Charity Support Programme

We establish medium to long term partnership, with selected charity organisations focused on women, children and people with disabilities and support them with financial and in-kind donations.

Requests for Support

The SACAA is currently not in a financial position to fund new project proposals, should you wish to introduce your initiative to the SACAA SED committee for future consideration, kindly complete this form and email it to