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Our Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value proposition at the SACAA is the people promise, it is our commitment to our employees and potential employees: TO PROPEL YOU INTO NEW HORIZONS.

  • We care about our employees’ wellbeing
  • We provide opportunities for learning, development and growth
  • We recognise your meaningful contribution to the aviation industry
  • We recognise and reward good performance
  • We value job security and stability
The SACAA’s Employee Value Proposition rests on 5 key elements:

Our Values:

At the SACAA we pride ourselves with living our values for they guide our daily interactions and how we do our work. Our 4 values referred to as STIC gives you an indication of what behavioral traits we find acceptable in the workplace.

Our Culture

The SACAA nurtures talent by creating an environment where employees can thrive and bring their best-self to work every day. Building a solid SACAA culture ensures that we all have a sense of belonging, pride, and purpose. Our culture is like our DNA, and it has its roots embedded in our values.

We have six cultural pillars that drive the desired behaviours and environment. By driving and permeating consistent behavioural change throughout the organisation, we establish a consistent culture across the whole organisation.

Our 6 culture pillars:
  • Advancing Client-Centricity
  • Creating Communication and Collaboration
  • Nurturing Empowerment
  • Embracing Ethics and Governance
  • Showing Leadership
  • Driving Performance Excellence

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Why a career at the SACAA?

We are committed to ensuring continuous learning and growth. 

Aviation is a vast field which includes careers in piloting, various trades in engineering and mechanics, airport operations and the manufacturing of aircraft. Although the majority of opportunities require a foundation in STEM related subjects, one can still launch a successful career in Aviation such as in aviation law, aviation safety & security, environmental management etc. Aviation is an exciting field which opens doors to work anywhere in the world, with great opportunities for growth.

Career Growth

Leadership Development

We provide Leadership programs and functional training curricula across all our business units to cater to specific development needs. Some of the different training and development opportunities provided cover for example different relevant operational knowledge and skills training, health and safety training, Masters programme overseas or soft skills trainings.

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Internal Bursaries
  • Skills Development
Rewards and Recognition

As an organisation the SACAA believes that the quality and commitment of its employees is vital to the continued success of the organisation. Exceptional performance is encouraged and supported by recognising and celebrating performance and achievements.

The SACAA has a Staff Awards programme which was created to encourage a culture of exceptional performance and to recognise and celebrate individuals and teams that have made strides in living the SACAA values, as well as demonstrated exceptional behaviour in alignment with the organisation’s strategic goals.


SACAA provides students and graduates with various opportunities to join exciting projects, master demanding challenges and assume responsibility – the right way to launch your career.


The SACAA offers bursaries to future aviators in the areas of pilot, Aircraft Maintenance engineer and Aeronautical engineering.  This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for the aviation industry. 

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As the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) we recognize the impact that this problem will have in the industry and that as the regulator we play a critical role in finding a solution to this problem. The SACAA developed a talent management framework in order to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of qualified candidates to occupy critical and scarce positions within the organisation.  The Internship Programme is designed to effectively integrate the already existing Frameworks for the specific development of young talent.

The ultimate goal of the Internship programme is not only to provide them with exposure and experience in the aviation industry but also to ultimately provide them with opportunities of being employed in the organisation.


The SACAA has a Trainee programme which is created to attract talented young graduates in order to provide them with the necessary skills training and experience required to be appointed in aviation jobs within the organisation and the industry. The programme has been developed to create a pipeline and to build capacity for critical and scarce jobs in the organisation. The programme is designed for both internal staff members and external graduates.


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