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General Aviation is responsible for Parts of the CAR’s 2011, being Part 149 (Aviation Recreation Organisations), Part 93 (Corporate Air Operators) and Part 96 (commercial operation of NTCA). General Aviation Operations is responsible to receive applications, review, process, approve and issue approvals and certificates to all aircraft operations, other than commercial air transport, air ambulance or aerial work operation. It also oversees aviation recreation, meaning microlight, glider, balloon, gyroplane, hang-glider, paraglider, model aircraft, light sport aeroplane, touring motor glider, parachute or involvement in aviation event.

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General Aviation Notices

General Notice – Introductory Flights Conducted At An Approved Training Organisation Revised 21 Oct 2021Download 251 kb
Notice Of Approval Of General Exemption From Compliance With The Provision Of Part 91.07.3 (1) Of The Civil Aviation RegulationsDownload 251 kb
General Notice – Clarity On Whether A Parachute Is An Aircraft For The Purpose Of The Civil Aviation Act, No 13 Of 2009Download 251 kb
Notice Of Recognised Alternative Means Of Approval Form Compliance With The Provisions Of Part 65.07 And Part 65.08 Of The Civil Aviation RegulationsDownload 251 kb
General Aviation Safety Strategy And Plan 2020-25Download 1347 kb
SACAA General Aviation Safety Strategy Focus Groups ParticipationDownload 397 kb
Closure Of ASO Related Queries And ComplaintsDownload 450 kb
General Notice GAD 001Download 265 kb

Technical Guidance Material

TGM For A Part 149 Approval Process 220720Download 105 kb
TGM For Part 93 Approval 190820Download 319 kb
TGM For A Part 96 Approval Process 220720Download 106 kb


CA 183-341OperationsApplication Application For Display Authorisation Examiner (DAE Annex B)Download 44 kb
CA 149-06OrganisationsApplication for Approval of an ARODownload 167 kb
CA 93-02OrganisationsGate Requirements 050721Download 48 kb
CA 44-05OrganisationsPart 93 Application for Maintenance Control Manual approvalDownload 153 kb
CA 93-01OrganisationsApplication for issue renewal amendment or notification of changes to AOCDownload 157 kb
CA 93-03OrganisationsStatement of Compliance Template and ChecklistDownload 239 kb
CA 183-343OperationsEvaluation “Skills Test” For A Jet or Turbine Aerobatic RatingDownload 301 kb
CA 183-352OperationsParachute Drop Zone ApplicationDownload 173 kb
CA183-333OperationsAerobatic Qualification (Initial)Download 232 kb
CA183-335OperationsApplication For The Re-Issue Of A Display AuthorisationDownload 142 kb
CA 183-345OperationsAerobatic Qualification (Renewal)Download 94 kb
CA 183-339OperationsApplication For Display Authorisation – RenewalDownload 118 kb
CA 44-03OrganisationsApplication for maintenance control manual approvalDownload 173 kb
CA 96-15OrganisationsProposed Schedule of EventsDownload 307 kb
CA 96-05OrganisationsProspective operator’s pre-assessment statement (POPS)Download 294 kb
CA 93-07OrganisationsAOC Manual control rosterDownload 615 kb
CA 96-13OrganisationsGate RequirementsDownload 110 kb
CA 96-02OrganisationsApplication for issue renewal amendment or notification of changes to Operating CertificateDownload 179 kb
CA 96-06OrganisationsStatement of Compliance Template and ChecklistDownload 124 kb
CA 93-04OrganisationsProspective operator’s pre-assessment statement (POPS)Download 304 kb
CA 93-06OrganisationsProposed Schedule of EventsDownload 312 kb
CA 44-04OrganisationsApplication for maintenance schedule acceptanceDownload 182 kb
CA 183-336OperationsApplication For Demonstration Jump OperationsDownload 154 kb
CA 91-34OrganisationsApplication For Aviation EventDownload 154 kb
CA 183-338OperationsApplication And Evaluation For Display AuthorisationDownload 236 kb