Risk and Performance Based Oversight (RPBO)

What is Risk and Performance Based Oversight (RPBO)?

The South African civil aviation community is entering a deliberate and noticeable transition away from purely Compliance Based Oversight (CBO) towards Risk and Performance Based Oversight (RPBO), with the implementation date at 2025.  With this new system, the civil aviation industry will be required to reach a certain level of performance, whilst being provided a larger degree of freedom to choose the method to achieve their target.   

The programme makes room for the fact that the aviation environment has reached a level of complexity where we can’t achieve further safety improvements by following a purely rule-based approach.

The execution of RPBO signifies more than mere verification of compliance with all the applicable regulatory requirements.  For the industry, RPBO offers the potential towards making improvements, and it will enable industry members to more effectively coordinate the collection, analysis and protection of safety information to provide for the best possible safety-related decisions for the aviation system.

Sector Risk Profiling, your inputs needed!

What is Sector Risk Profiling?

A Sector Risk Profile is a comprehensive analysis and documentation of safety risks within a specific sector of the aviation industry with a similar type of operation.  

This profiling process involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing safety risks that may affect the entire sector, encompassing various entities such as airlines, airports, air traffic management, regulatory bodies, similar aircraft types, comparable organisations and other stakeholders. The objective is to develop a clear understanding of the safety challenges and vulnerabilities within the sector and to establish strategies for managing and mitigating these risks effectively.

How you can assist?

Please note that the SACAA will engage the industry through workshops and surveys, identifying hazards and risks relevant to the sector.  With your collaboration and inputs, the SACAA will be able to identify risk owners and possible controls and mitigation.

The role of the SMS

The safety management system (SMS) requires organisations to proactively identify hazards and associated risks, and facilitate the management of those risks to ensure the safety of their operations. The information gathered for the Sector Risk Profile will further support participants in determining which risks are relevant to their organisation and include them in their day to day SMS.

Other benefits

Developing a Sector Risk Profiles is a valuable means of addressing some key safety issues that the South African Civil Aviation Authority considers to be a priority for aviation, such as: loss of control in flight; runway excursions; AIRPROX ect.

The Sector Risk Profiling will support and enhance the SACAA’s risk-based approach to safety oversight.  The risks identified through the Sector Risk Profiling can be used to inform future surveillance activities to ensure efficient and effective focus on areas of higher risk. 

The risks identified through the Sector Risk Profiling may also provide an opportunity to initiate and inform ‘theme-based’ initiatives to improve sector safety.

RPBO Presentations


Have questions?  Send an email to  rpbo@caa.co.za for further information.