Aeronautical Information

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Notam Summaries

Latest update: 17 May 2024

A NOTAM Summary will be posted on the CAA website on a daily basis. It is to be noted that this Summary published, is only valid at the time of being created and should not be used for Flight Preparation purposes. The above service will however not be available on public holidays, weekends, and days when the CAA offices are closed.

The latest NOTAM in force are available from the Centralised Aeronautical Information Management Unit (AIMU) at O R Tambo International Airport on (Tel: 0860 FLY NOW (0860 359 669). Users are encouraged to register at the ATNS website for the pilot self-briefing service (file 2 fly) at  In case you need assistance, a helpdesk is available 24 hours a day at the following contact details: E-Mail:; Telephone (011) 928 6423. An online help function is available on file2fly once you have logged in. Click on “HELP” and then select “USER MANUAL” from the drop- down menu. All the information regarding obtaining NOTAM can be found from page 7 to 13 in chapter 3.2.

There are 3 types of briefings that can be obtained:

  • Route – based on the flight-plan route filed;
  • Aerodrome – based on nominated aerodromes and
  • Zone – typically an area/FIR type briefing based on the nominated zone.

In addition to file2fly, pilots can, when filing a flight plan telephonically, request the AIMU to e-mail or conduct a telephonic briefing over the phone.

Note: It remains the responsibility of the pilot to consult the latest NOTAM before flight.