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Air Event Operations

Special Air Events are the display-window of aviation in South Africa, bringing to the public the thrill, professionalism and pleasure of flying.

It has become increasingly clear that important management responsibilities, processes and procedures at air shows, and related events, particularly regarding flight operations are not correctly understood and therefore not always complied with in all respects.

The Special Air Event MOP sets out the requirements and principles regarding the management of these events, including flight operations and demonstrations which may take place on any part of the runways or any portion of the airfield on the demarcated airside. 

Applicable documents

  • Manual of Procedure Issue_14
  • Timeline Brochure
  • Display Accreditation Guidelines
  • Display Pilot Register 

Please visit the RAASA website to access these documents.

Forms and Fees

The following forms applies and may be obtained from the forms link:

  • Application to host SAE
  • SAE Pre-Event Audit Document
  • SAE Emergency numbers template
  • Display Accreditation Evaluation Form
  • Display Authorisation - Renewal
  • Aerobatic Qualification
  • Aerobatic Qualification - Renewal

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