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Notices and Newsletters

PANS-OPS Notice 2/2019: CAR Part 173 / 177: New User Fees effective from 1 May 2019

Kindly note that new user fees relating to Part 173 (Flight Procedure Design) & Part 177 (Aeronautical Charts) were promulgated in Government Gazette No 42362 dated 29 March 2019 & will become effective on 1 May 2019.  Government Gazette No 42362 is available by clicking here.


PANS-OPS Notice 1/2019: Differences to ICAO SARPs: ICAO Annex 4 & ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2

Kindly note that significant differences to ICAO Annex 4 & ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 are published in AIP GEN 1.7 available by clicking here.


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