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Notices and Newsletters

PANS-OPS Notice 1/2018: CAR Part 173: New User Fees effective from 1 April 2018

Kindly note that new user fees relating to Part 173 (Flight Procedure Design) have been promulgated in Government Gazette No 41379 dated 12 January 2018 & will become effective on 1 April 2018.  The user fees relating to Part 173 is promulgated under CAR Part 187.01.40 (Pg 22).  For more information please refer to Government Gazette No 41379 available by clicking here.


PANS-OPS Notice 2/2017: CAR Part 177: Aeronautical Charts

Kindly note that CAR Part 177 (Aeronautical Charts) relating to the oversight of Aeronautical Cartography Service Providers (ACSP) and the production of aeronautical charts have been promulgated in Government Gazette No 40846 dated 19 May 2017 and will become effective on 19 June 2017.  The SA-CATS for Part 177 is published in SA-CATS Amendment 3/2017 dated 08 May 2017. For more information please refer to Government Gazette No 40846 available by clicking here and SA-CATS Amendment 3/2017 available by clicking here.


PD&C Notice 1/2014: Additional requirements for Flight Procedure Validation

Additional requirements for the submission of Flight Procedures for validation.

PD&C Notice 2/2015: Differences to ICAO SARPs: ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 Amendment 6

Kindly note that a difference to ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 (AMDT 6) Part III Sec 3 Ch 4 Par 4.3.4 (Definition of the OAS) is published in SA AIP GEN 1.7.20.  Please refer to SA AIP GEN 1.7.20 for the details of the difference.

Queries regarding this matter can be directed to:

Manager: Procedure Design & Cartography
Procedure Design & Cartography
Air Navigation Services
Tel: +27 11 545 1468/1375/1315
Email: pd&


PANS-OPS Notice 1/2016: Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures

Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures.


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