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General Examination Information - Current Examinations

Restricted RT examination: SACAA Reference material for the Radiotelephony Certificate examination (RTC)

The examination syllabus is contained in Appendix 1.5 to SA-CATS-FCL 61. The following publications have been used as reference materials when compiling the question bank:

  • AIP
  • AIC 41.3
  • AIC 42-1
  • AIC 20.2
  • ICAO DOC 9432
  • ICAO DOC 4444
  • The Pilot's Radio Handbook - Dietlind Lempp
  • Restricted Radio Licence for fixed-wing aircraft pilots - compiled by Dylan Kemlo


PPL Online Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

  • Refer to Appendix 1.0 to document SA-CATS 61 for the Combined syllabus of theoretical knowledge for the Private Pilot licence (Aeroplane) and (Helicopter).
  • Click here for PPL theoretical knowledge examinations study material references
  • PPL Meteorology and Flight Performance & Planning examination manuals: FPLAN(A), FPLAN(H) & PPL-MET


Night Rating Online Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

  • Click here for the Night Rating syllabus and references


CPL, IR and ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations


FI Online Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

  • Other than the psychology elements (referenced to the FAA flight instructor’s handbook) and the air law (CAR 2011 as applicable in the syllabus below), the reference material is identical as for the PPL examinations (i.e. the Air Pilots Manual series).
  • Click here to access the combined syllabus of theoretical knowledge for the Grade III Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) and(Helicopter).

    Please note that an X in the right hand column(s) under a category corresponds to the entire block or list of items in the left hand column that needs to be learnt for the applicable row. As an example below, the X corresponds to all the mentioned items of Part 12 and not only item 12.02.3.









    Notification of accidents

    Notification of incidents

    Notification of accidents and incidents outside the Republic

    Particulars of notification

    Guarding of aircraft involved in accident

    Interference with objects and marks at scene of accident



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