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Validity of Licensing Forms Submitt​​ed to the SACAA

Users of SACAA published Licensing forms as listed on the SACAA website are to ensure that the latest version of the form is submitted to Licensing for processing. Please check the date on the bottom of the form.

Forms submitted for processing that have a version that pre-dates the form listed on the CAA website by 30 days or more or has a date that is in excess of 30 days or more of the date of the form listed on the CAA website will be rejected for processing.

 Updated Forms

Forms CA 66-02.1 and CA 61-91 have been updated. Old forms will still be accepted by licensing until 31 July 2018.  Form CA 65-01 have been updated and replaced. Old forms will still be accepted by licensing until 31 August 2018. 

expand Category : Part 101 Forms - RPAS ‎(6)
expand Category : Part 141 Forms - ATO ‎(5)
expand Category : Part 60 Forms - FSTD ‎(5)
expand Category : Part 61 Forms - Examinations ‎(4)
expand Category : Part 61 Forms - Pilot ‎(37)
expand Category : Part 63 Forms - Flight Engineer ‎(7)
expand Category : Part 64 Forms - Cabin Crew ‎(18)
expand Category : Part 65 Forms - Air Traffic Services ‎(2)
expand Category : Part 66 Forms - AME ‎(9)
expand Category : Part 66 Logbooks - examples ‎(4)
expand Category : Part 69 - Balloon Pilot ‎(1)

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