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List of Designated Flight Examiners Appointed by the Director in terms of Part 61

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BARTHOLOMEWJjaybezbart1@gmail.com0711541184DFE IAY30/06/22
BECKERMANNMLmbeckermann@gmail.com0822113416DFE IAY31/08/22 IIIH30/11/22
BEZUIDENHOUTSPbuz@iafrica.com0845679736DFE IHY30/06/22
BLOMEEblom.eben@gmail.com0762012567DFE IIIA31/12/22
BREEDTMmorneb1974@gmail.com0780198253DFE IAY30/04/2023
BROOKSONCOcraig.brookson@gmail.com0741046668DFE IIIH31/01/23 IAY28/02/23
CADESAshane.cade@icloud.com0834694772DFE IAY28/02/23 IAY31/03/23 IIIA31/03/22
CHAPLINTPterry.chaplin@gmail.com0824550531DFE IA/HY28/02/23 IAY31/07/22 IAY31/12/22
CLEGGRJcleggrj@gmail.com0825511570DFE IA28/02/23
COETSEEHPlevel330@gmail.com0838632694DFE IAY31/12/22 IHY30/11/22 IHY31/12/22
DE KLERKMnr77v@icloud.com0824467459DFE IAY31/05/22 IAY31/03/22
DU IAY30/06/22
DU PREEZ WINSONRCsryantg@yahoo.com0795206495DFE IIIA31/12/22 IA/HYes30/12/2022 IA28/02/23 IAY31/01/23
FOUCHESStefan.fouche79@gmail.com0846726925DFE IHY30/11/22
FOUCHEHhfouche@flyairlink.com0845557818DFE IIIA30/04/22
GEDDESBCbradgeddes320@gmail.com0833840112DFE IAY30/06/22 IAY31/08/22
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