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Webinars (Conferences and Workshops for Pilots)


  1. The SACAA will be hosting Webinars in lieu of the conferences for DFE's and Flight Instructors (FI's) as indicated below.
  2. The aim of these Webinars is to satisfy the requirements of the SACAR 61 regarding the revalidation of flight instructor ratings and the re-designation of DFE's.
  3. The delegates will receive the access link by email within 3 days of the selected Webinar.
  4. A Webinar session will consist of three 20 minutes long presentations, each followed by a 5 minutes short Q&A session.
  5. A Webinar session will include 2 breaks.
  6. Attendance conformation will be provided to each delegate after each Webinar session if He/she complies to the Terms and conditions.
  7. Please direct any mails relating to Webinars to the following address:


Terms and conditions

  1. A Webinar session is limited to 100 delegates.
  2. The booking system for a Webinar session is automatically closed 3 days prior to the date of the event and when the above attendance limit is reached.
  3. Flight Instructor Webinar sessions will start at 10am and close at 12pm.
  4. Designated Flight Examiner (DFE) webinar session will start at 10am and close at 12:30pm
  5. The delegates are required to login at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the Webinar session.
  6. To ensure attendance, each delegate is required to indicate his or her logging in and out by first inserting his or her first name and surname in the dedicated field and then insert in the Q&A field the following message: "Name Surname 027xxxxxxx logged in" and "Name Surname 027xxxxxxx logged out" as shown below.

  7. The Logging in messages shall be sent the latest during the 15 minutes prior to the Webinar session and the logging out messages shall be sent within 10 minutes after closure of the Webinar session.
  8. Late logging ins and premature logging outs will result in a non-attendance status of the delegate.
  9. Delegates are required to attend the Webinar in full.
  10. It is the delegate's responsibility to insure stable internet connection for the entire duration of the Webinar session.
  11. In the case of a cancellation, the delegate is required to immediately notify the PEL department at


Interaction with presenters:

  1. Verbal interaction will not be catered for during the Webinar session.
  2. Delegates will be given the opportunity to ask questions and/or provide input by using the Q&A facility during each presentation.
  3. The presenter will be given 5 minutes to answer selected questions after each presentation.
  4. Before closure of the Webinar session, further questions will be answered for a period of 10 minutes.

All bookings must be made using the following link: 2021 Webinar Bookings

The SACAA retains the right to cancel a Webinar session. 


2021 Webinar Schedules:

Webinars were scheduled as follows: 


Flight In​​​structor Webinar02 June 202​​110:00 - 12:00
DFE Webina​r03 June 2021​​​​​​​10:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar07 July 2021​​10:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar08 July 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar11 August 202110:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar12 August 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar01 September 202110:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar02 September 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar06 October 20211​0:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar07 October 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar03 November 202110:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar04 November 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar01 December 202110:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar02 December 202110:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar26 January 202210:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar27 January 202210:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar23 February 202210:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar24 February 202210:00 - 12:00
Flight Instructor Webinar16 March 202210:00 - 12:00
DFE Webinar17 March 2022​10:00 - 12:00​

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