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Windfarm Obstacle Lighting

Guidance regarding obstacle lighting on Wind Turbine Generators under construction

The turbine structure under construction is considered to be a temporary structure due to the building activity i.e. cranes etc. around it. As such an interim lighting system is required to be implemented. Temporary obstruction lighting in the form of a Type B (low intensity) 32 candela red flashing light system, situated at the highest point of the structure in progress would suffice for the construction period. This lighting system is to be provided to each turbine structure. It is recognised the interim lighting system will be flashing randomly, hence the requirement for each turbine structure to be identified.  

The temporary obstruction lighting must be brought into play at 25m and continue to be displayed at the highest point, until such time as the required permanent obstruction lighting system is on line. It is understood that the wind farm site will not be connected to the national grid, until such time as it becomes operational, hence the concession of the interim lighting systems. There are solar powered systems available off the shelf, which would be adequate for the purpose.

Developers of Wind Farm Sites are reminded to advise the SACAA timeously (at least 6 weeks in advance), of construction commencing, in order for that information to be circulated into the aviation environment.

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