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Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System  

The Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System provides a means for all to report hazards within our aviation industry, on the ground or in the air, whether real or perceived, before there is a loss of life, injury or damage.  

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Tip-offs Anonymous 

Fraud, crime and theft are an increasing problem in South Africa. Too often, it is undetected and goes unreported, resulting in financial losses to companies, eventually to the detriment of all their employees.  The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is no different. We are committed to conducting healthy business practices with honesty and integrity, which will not only ensure a stable employment environment for everyone but also ensure the continued future success of SACAA. For this reason, SACAA has subscribed to a service that will enable all stakeholders, but most specifically everyone who is employed by SACAA, to report anonymously on dishonest colleagues.  Read on...



Members of the public using laser pointers should take note of the risks involved when distracting pilots or air traffic controllers on duty.  Read on...

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