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Media Statements

Financial Mail – Shannon Sherry.pdf
1 January 2008
South Africa retains FAA Category 1 status.pdf
7 January 2008
South Africa introduces new regulations for Pilot Licences.pdf
16 January 2008
SA CAA hosts ICAO workshop on the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases through air transport.pdf
13 March 2008
Aircraft Maintenance comes under the spotlight.pdf
1 April 2008
SACAA publishes aerodrome and procedure charts on website.pdf
8 April 2008
South Africa introduces new Regulations for Air Cargo Security.pdf
13 May 2008
Committee established to look at unmanned aircraft systems.pdf
3 June 2008
SACAA responds to false allegations in the Beeld newspaper.pdf
20 August 2008
The United States Federal Aviation Administration reconfirms South Africa’s Category 1 Status.pdf
10 October 2008
SACAA’s response to the recent aircraft accidents in the general aviation sector.pdf
29 October 2008
Transport Minister approves new recreation aviation body.pdf
20 November 2008

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