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Members of the public using laser pointers should take note of the risks involved when distracting pilots or air traffic controllers on duty. The potential disastrous consequences of laser beams directed at aircraft by civilians on the ground cannot be ignored.

Flashing a light beam or other energy source, whether visible or not, towards any aircraft, air traffic control tower or any person therein is prohibited by the Civil Aviation Regulations and contravention could result in a fine or imprisonment of 10 years, or both.

Please use the Centralised Occurrence Reporting Portal to report a laser beam incident.  The General Reporting Form can be used for this purpose.

Kindly consider including the following information in the "narrative" when reporting a laser beam incident:

  1. Description of the alleged offender (as much information on the identity of the person/operator - name, address, contact details); (Narrative)
  2. Information/evidence that would support the allegation of infringement of aviation safety and/or Regulations (date, time, location and details of infringement).

The following information may be requested by the CAA investigator to complete the investigation.

  1. Sworn statements made by eyewitnesses;
  2. Collected information, in the form of documents, pictures and/or video clips of the alleged activities that would assist in linking the alleged offender to the conduct that may amount to violation of the Regulations.

Please note that reported matters, once duly taken in for investigation and/or enforcement action, they are dealt with in terms of the applicable legal provisions guiding the SACAA.

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