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FAQ: Examinations

Where can I find the next available date to write online exams at the SACAA Midrand?

This information is available on the SACAA website.

Where do I find the examination schedule with time, date and venue details, for outstation examinations?

The dates, venues, schedule and confirmation that candidates are booked for outstation written examinations, are available on the SACAA website.

Where do I obtain application forms for examinations bookings?

Forms may be obtained from the SACAA website or from the offices at Midrand. (Kindly note that all application forms must be submitted along with the proof of payment of fees.)

What are the minimum criteria for writing various pilot examinations?

You will need a Student Pilot License (SPL) to appear for a Private Pilot License (PPL) examination, a PPL to appear for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) examination and a CPL to appear for an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) examination.

What are the minimum criteria for writing Cabin Crew or RPAS examinations?

For South African citizens you need a SA identification document (RSA ID card/book or passport). In the case of foreigners, a passport would be required.

How long in advance must I make a booking to sit for an examination, and when may I rewrite an examination if I did not pass it?

Entries for online bookings will be on a first come first served basis. You may rewrite a failed examination only after 7 calendar days. If, however, you have failed an examination thrice in a row, or if you have failed an examination with below 50% score, then you will have to wait for 60 days before you can rewrite. (For PPL examinations, only the 7 days rule applies.) For details regarding AME examinations, please contact the SACAA Midrand Examinations Office.

How long do I have to wait for the results of outstation examinations?

All examinations are conducted on computers ( immidiate feedback).

What is the pass mark for examinations?

The pass mark for all examinations is 75%.

How do I get a certificate when I have passed all my examinations?

Candidates who have passed all there examinations and need to obtain a certificate must email a request to the examination office at This request must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant's license. Alternatively, a request can be made over the counter at the SACAA Midrand Examinations Section. (No certificate is issued for PPL examinations.)

From when does the 18 months' period start for the completion of my examinations for a PPL, CPL or ATPL?

The 18 months' period starts from the date of the first pass of an examination for that particular license.

What is the process for applying for a remark of an examination, and how long does it take?

You need to complete the requisite application form and send it to the SACAA Midrand Examinations Office, together with a copy of your license, your coaching report and a proof of payment. You should apply for a re-mark within 30 days from result notification. You may not apply for a remark if you have scored less than 70%. The remark process can take up to 30 days.

What is the process to change a booked date/time/subject for an examination?

Any such change must be done 5 working days prior to the examination. Applicant must notify the Examination Office in writing, or alternatively request a change over the counter at the Office.

How do I apply for an exemption?

All exemption queries must be forwarded to the relevant department. Please refer to the "Application for Exemptions" link on the home page of the SACAA website.

How many subjects do I need to enroll for the first time to carry credits, when doing my Flight Instructor Examination?

You only need to enroll for one subject. Once you have passed a subject we will start calculating the 18 months to complete the remaining subjects.

Where do I obtain the syllabi and study material to study for SACAA examinations?

Syllabi are published on the SACAA website. Training material can be obtained from either Flying Schools or from booksellers.

What AME examinations are available for writing?

Please contact the SACAA Midrand Examination Centre to confirm if the requested AME examination is available. Examinations for aeroplanes and helicopters with a MCM in excess of 5700 kg and 3175 kg respectively, cannot be written at SACAA. Candidates must attend an approved type training course.

What procedure must a South African Air Force pilot follow to obtain a License?

Please refer to South African Civil Aviation Technical Standards 61.01.9, available on the SACAA website.

From where can I obtain information regarding ATC, Aviation Security and Aviation Medicine examinations?

Please contact these sections directly at the contact details given on the SACAA website.

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