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FAQ: Accidents & Incidents

Where is an accident or incident reported?

It can be reported to an Air Traffic Control tower nearest to you. It can also be reported to the SACAA Accident Investigators and their cell phone numbers can be found on the SACAA's website under “Contact Details for Specific Services” that can be found on the “Contact Us” page or on the SACAA home page under “How to report an accident”.

Where can I obtain an Accident/Incident Reporting form?

These forms are forwarded to pilots after the accident or incident has been reported to the Investigator in charge. Accidents or incidents must be reported just after it had occurred as only an Accident Investigator can give permission to remove or recover the wreckage or aircraft, as defined on CAR Part 12. Anyone who needs an accident or incident reporting form thus have to report an occurrence.

Why does it take so long for accident reports to become available to the public?

Accident reports take anything from three months to three years to be completed, depending on the complexity of the investigation. After completion of an investigation the reports are reviewed by the Office of the Executive Manager: Accident and Incident Investigation Division (AIID) and the report is submitted to an Advisory Safety Panel (ASP) to determine the adequacy of the investigation, as well as the feasibility of the implementation of the safety recommendations in the report. Only once the ASP is satisfied, is the report submitted to the Commissioner for Civil Aviation (CCA) for consideration and action deemed necessary. On acceptance of the report by the CCA the report is released as a Final Report in respect of the relevant accident investigation.

How can a copy of an accident report be obtained?

Accident summaries are available on the SACAA website. Complete reports can be obtained by submitting a written request to the Accident Incident Investigation Division on fax (011) 545 1466 or e-mail

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