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Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System

Contact Details

Fax:  (011) 545-1453
Tel:  (011) 545-1242
Mobile:  (071) 600-8599


The Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System provides a means for all to report hazards within our aviation industry, on the ground or in the air, whether real or perceived, before there is a loss of life, injury or damage.

The objectives of CAHRS  

  • To prevent accidents and incidents by identifying hazards before there is a loss of life, injury or damage;
  • To improve the safety awareness of the current aviation community;
  • To enhance the basis for human factors research and recommendations for future procedures, operations, facilities and equipment.


Why is it important to report hazards?

Reporting of hazards assist in identifying aviation hazards, risks and trends that might lead to potential incidents and accidents. In certain instances these are overlooked and only picked up when a loss of life and damage to property, have occurred.  

Who should use CAHRS? 

Anyone who wishes to confidentially submit a hazard report or system deficiency. 

How to report a hazard 

  • Please note - CAHRS is a means for reporting hazards only and not accidents or incidents.
  • Obtain a Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System (CAHRS) forms from the reception desk at the SACAA offices or click here.
  • Complete the forms and submit them to the CAHRS administrator:         


Fax:  (011) 545-1453
Tel:  (011) 545-1242

Mobile:  (071) 600-8599

Postal Address:  Private Bag X73, Halfway House, 1685

Or submit at the SACAA Reception desk at Ikhaya Lokundiza, 16 Treur close, Waterfall Park, Bekker Str, Midrand


What happens after your report has been subitted: 

  1. Reports are registered and allocated a reference number.
  2. The CARHS administrator acknowledges receipt via email, telephone or fax unless the report is anonymous.
  3. The CARHS investigator assesses and investigates the report and makes recommendations for implementation
  4. Recommendations are submitted to the appropriate Departmental Senior Managers for implementation within a suggested target date
  5. Feedback on action taken is communicated to the reporter
  6. Concluded reports and actions are published in Aviation safety publications and the SACAA website.

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