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About Centralized Safety & Security Reporting (CSSR)


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The aim of CSSR is to contribute to the enhancement of aviation safety in South Africa by providing a centralised approach to safety reporting for all individuals employed in or associated with the aviation industry, including the travelling public.

CSSR has come into being in August 2010 to enable a centralized approach to the resolution of important safety-related issues. This is the first step in meeting the reporting requirements of safety management systems to allow for statistical data collection, analysis and exchange. It is intended that capturing will occur through the system so that hazard and incident information are collected at both individual and aggregate level within the SACAA. 

CSSR welcomes all safety-related reports from flight crew, air traffic service personnel, aircraft maintenance engineers, cabin crew, Aerodrome personnel and the General Aviation community.

Reporters' may report with respect to the three following areas:

Mandatory incident reports are incident reports that are required to be made as a result of regulation with the exception of an accident or serious incident that is reported to the Accident and Incident Investion Division.

Voluntary reports are for the reporting of a hazard or incident without any legal or administrative requirement to do so at the reporter's own will and initiative.

Confidential reports are meant for voluntary incident or hazard reports were the reporter's identity is protected by providing a means by which individuals are able to raise issues of concern without being identified to their peer group, management or respective organistaions. Confidentiality is achieved by the de-identification of the reporter'’s details.

The SACAA will use the reported information in the following way:


Mandatory incident reports: - The report will be logged and distributed to the technical department that will be responsible for investigation of the incident. The reporter may be contacted by the investigator in cases where further clarity is required. Once the investigation is completed, the reporter will receive feedback on the outcome of the investigation and the actions that were taken. 

Voluntary reports:- The report will also be logged and distributed for investigation. The reporter may be contacted by the investigator in cases where further clarity is required. The reporter will be provided with feedback on the outcome of the investigation once this is completed. 

Confidential reports:- The report will be logged, de-identified and send to the technical departments for investigation. Any requests for clarity from the investigator as well as the feedback on the outcome of the investigation, once completed, will be sent back to the CSSR officer. The CSSR officer will contact the reporter when required or when the details of the reporter are available.  

All reports:- After analysis, the information provided to CSSR will be made available in a de-identified summarized format for the exchange of information with the aviation community on safety concerns and lessons learnt.  

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