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Place of Operation

​​The main base of FIU operational activities is at Lanseria International Airport (FALA), where an operational office is kept and maintained, while the strategic management is based at the SACAA headquarters in Midrand. The Lanseria Airport base, being an international port of entry and departure, allows the FIU to respond to any request for service at short notice. South Africa is the only state, out of fourteen States in the SADC region which operates a full flight inspection service. Some of the advantages of the FIU include: 

  • The unit is managed by one state, which eliminates conflicts.
  • The FIU has some of the world's highly trained and experienced flight inspectors, with a combined working experience of more than sixty years.
  • An excellent pricing strategy, which is transparent and with payment terms tailored to individual customer needs.
  • Very good relationships with clients, built over the years by a stable inspectorate within the FIU.
  • Incorporation of best available technology in the field of flight inspection.

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