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Training and Certification


The operations of the Training and Certification are underpinned by Part 109 and 110 of the civil aviation regulations. Part 109 and 110 regulations seek to ensure standardization in carrying out security tasks; and in safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.



The Training and Certification department's mandate is to approve Aviation Security (AVSEC) training organisations; certifying aviation security (AVSEC) screeners, and support training organisation's objective of implementing quality controlled education and training which meet the requirements of the Training and Certification regulations as encapsulated in CARS Part 109 and 110 as well as their associated Technical Standards.


Training and Certification: Key Departmental Objectives


  • Set standards of Aviation Security Training through regulations
  • Develop, review and amend curriculum in line with ICAO standard
  • Regulate Aviation Security Training in South Africa
  • Oversee effective functioning of Aviation Security Training Organisations
  • Approval of Aviation Security Training Organisations
  • Enforcement of Regulations and Technical Standards.


  • Set standards for Certification of Aviation Security Screeners
  • Develop, review and amend certification regulations and technical standards and monitor compliance and conformance by screeners
  • Regulate and certification of screeners in South Africa
  • Enforcment of regulations to ensure compliance
  • Regulate Screening Organisations


    All aviation security and aviation security awareness training organisations and aviation security screeners in South Africa are our first line of defence against acts of unlawful interference, therefore it is significant that they be regulated and their operations standardized in line with international standards as encapsulated in the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) standards and recommended practices. The upcoming regulations and technical standards are geared towards giving effect to these standards and to make the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) the best regulator throughout. All South Africans within the aviation security industry are encouraged to work in tandem with the SACAA in achieving this noble goal.

    Restricted Technical Guidance Material List (TGM)

    ​The treatment and handling of security information, requires that information is requested and shared in a systematic manner. 

    For access to Part 109 (Aviation Security Training​) Techncial Guidance Material, an email must be sent to the responsible manager at

    For access to Part 110 (Aviation Security Screening ​​) Techncial Guidance Material, an email must be sent to the responsible manager at​. 

    TGM that are available on request:​

    Part 109 - Aviation Security Training  

    1. TGM for Designing and Developing Learning Programmes 

    Part 110 - Aviation Security Screening ​

    1. TGM for O​​n the Job Training (OJT) Personnel
    2. TGM for OJT Appendixes 

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    Technical Guidance Material

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