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Projects and Investigations


The Projects and Investigations primary focus is on enhancing and promoting aviation safety and security by investigating AVSEC accidents and incidents with the objective of preventing re-occurrence through promoting safety and security recommendations and preventive programs as well as enforcement measures.



To ensure that designated airports, aircraft operators involved in commercial air transport, cargo security accidents and incidents including undeclared/mis-declared consignments reported to the CAA AVSEC division are investigated. Prevent acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation and carry-out validation processes in the industry.




In accordance Part 6.3.4 (f) of the NASP requires that airport authorities shall provide for the incorporation of security features in the design of new airport facilities, particularly for those areas which on completion are likely to be vital to the continuity of operations. All new facilities as well as renovations to existing facilities require prior approval from the SACAA AVSEC division.


The Appropriate Authority shall determine the minimum specifications of screening equipment intended for use at designated airports. Prior to procurement of any security screening equipment, a request must be made to the SACAA AVSEC for the minimum specifications and approval of such equipment.


The aim of CSSR is to contribute to the enhancement of aviation safety and security in South Africa by providing a centralised approach to safety and security reporting for all individuals employed in or associated with the aviation industry, including the travelling public. Reporters may report with respect to the three following areas:

  1. Mandatory incident reports:
    Reporting deficiencies and breaches in security is an essential component of maintaining security standards. According to the NASP the SACAA shall be informed immediately of deficiencies or breaches, with the corrective action to address them, within 48 hours of their occurring. The SACAA shall verify the implementation of the corrective action. Reports must be forward to the following email address:
  2. Voluntary reports:
    Reporting of a hazard or incident, at the reporter’s own will and initiative, without any legal or administrative requirement to do.
  3. Confidential reports:
    Voluntary incident or hazard reports where the reporter’s identity is protected by providing a means by which individuals are able to raise issues of concern without being identified to their peer group, management or respective organisations. Confidentiality is achieved by the de-identification of the reporter’s details and following the Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System Requirements.



Name: Delano Bell, AVSEC Investigator
Office: 011 545 1397
Cell: 083 461 6628

Name: Fikile Kgomo
Position: AVSEC Investigator
Department: Projects and Investigations
Office: 011 545 1568
Cell: 083 461 6441

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