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Prohibited items in the Cabin of Departing Flights from South Africa

​The following list (aligned with ICAO and IATA recommended practice) is provided as a guideline of what items are not to be allowed in the cabin of departing flights from South Africa, both International and Domestic Departures. Items indicated on this list, except firearms, may however be carried in the checked baggage of passengers. This does not include the obvious items considered as harmful items i.e. knives, firearms, explosives, grenades, etc.

Baseball Bats
Bows and Arrows
Box cutters
Brass Knuckles
Cricket bats
Crow bars
Crow bars
Disabling chemicals or gases
Fire extinguishers
Flare pistols
Golf clubs
Hockey sticks
Hunting knives
Ice axe/Ice pick
Large heavy tools (wrenches, pliers, etc)
Martial arts devices
Metal scissors with pointed tips
Pepper spray
Pool cues
Portable power drills
Razor blades (not in a cartridge)
Religious knives
Ski poles
Spear guns
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NOTE: Manicure sets, including small scissors and metal nail files are permitted.

Further restrictions on items allowed in sterile areas of airports, may be imposed or may differ from country to country, dependant on the Policy of the Local Authorities.

Note that certain of these items may be restricted for carriage in terms of Dangerous Goods regulations. 

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