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National Aviation Security Programme (NASP)

The NASP is designed to meet the international standards and recommended practices contained in Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, 1944 (Chicago Convention), as well as related aviation security provisions found in other annexes.

One of the key components of aviation security is a National Aviation Security Program (NASP). The Civil Aviation Act (Act No. 13 of 2009) and associated regulations, together with this programme, establish the basic legal authority for the implementation of civil aviation security policies, practices and procedures.

The NASP ensures that the national requirements, policies and procedures covering all relevant provisions of Annex 17 are consistently outlined as specified within the relevant Regulations.


The National Aviation Security Programme shall provide for the following;

  • The establishment of a central control centre to establish communication with airport management's and air carriers;
  • Liaison with international organization concerning matters of civil aviation security;
  • Liaison with government departments concerning matters of civil aviation security;
  • Involvement of airport management's and air carriers in the application of a comprehensive aviation security committee;
  • Efficient methods of communication between all bodies responsible for civil aviation security;
  • Preventative measures in general to prevent occurrences jeopardising civil aviation safety;
  • The integration of safety plans drawn up by airport management and air carriers in such comprehensive plan.

    Aviation participants required to have aviation security program.

    In terms of section 111(1) of the Act, the following aviation participants are required to have Aviation Security Programme:

    • the operator of a designated airport
    • the Air Traffic and Navigation Services
    • any Air Carrier; and
    • any other aviation participant designated by the Minister from time to time in the Gazette


    All appropriate authorities are required to establish a security programme that meets the requirements of the NASP. To confirm that an operator’s programme does meet these requirements, operators are required to submit a written copy of their security programme to the Civil Aviation Security Department for review and approval.

    All information concerning any program, personnel, equipment, system, agreement or special procedure regarding any matter concerning any security plan shall be confidential and shall not be made known except officially by a person empowered to do so to a person empowered to receive such information.

    An aviation security program which is drawn up in terms of the NASP or the regulations shall be submitted for approval and shall, by virtue of such approval, be binding.

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