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Guidelines for Aviation Training Organizations - Manual of Procedure

The manual of procedures should be in accordance with CAR 141 and CATS-ATO. CATS-ATO will give you the required information to be contained in a manual of procedure.

The following should be included:

  • A statement signed by the accountable manager - include the accountable manager's responsibilities.
  • The responsibilities of the person responsible for DG training i.e. amend training material; currency of instructors and this individual must sign accountability for the position.
  • Organogram - add "person responsible for DG training"; "DG instructor" and "responsible person QA"
  • Responsible person for QA - must list their responsibilities, and sign accountability
  • Details of training facilities to be used
  • Details of training aids to be used during training
  • A summary of the resources at the facilities, and the scope of training to be conducted (DG training for security staff)
  • Details of organisations procedure for recording which of its members and personnel hold authorisations granted by the organisation
  • Details of the procedures required for "entry level competence of DG instructors" and "ongoing competence of DG instructors"
  • Procedures to control, amend and distribute the manual of procedure
  • A written procedure to be used when permission is required to deviate from the requirements of the organisation's manual of procedures
  • List of DG instructors
  • Copy of certificate to be issued to students
  • Policy on internal assessments of instructors
  • Policy regarding students who fail exam; how many exam papers are set; pass mark for exam; is the exam open-book?
  • Security of exam papers
  • Complete CV of DG instructor - include current copy of DG certificate
  • Procedure for renewal of ATO on annual basis
  • Student feedback form to be included

A certificate of approval will only be issued once the MOP, training material and facilities have been inspected and found satisfactory by a DG inspector.


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