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Relevant ICAO Documentation and Legislation

Applicable ICAO Documentation

Annex 16 (Environmental Protection) SARPs

  • Volume I (Aircraft Noise)
  • Volume II (Aircraft Engine Emissions)
  • Volume III Aeroplane CO2 Emissions
  • Volume IV Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation


Applicable Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs)

  • Part 34: Aircraft Engine Emissions

  • Part 36: Aircraft Noise

  • Part 47: Registration and marking.  (Non-addition of Chapter 2 aircraft to the Civil Aviation Register) 

  • Part 91: General Aviation and Operating Flight Rules (Noise abatement procedures and Phasing out of Chapter 2 aircraft)

  • Part 121: Air Transport Operations-Carriage on Aeroplanes of more than 19 Passengers or Cargo (Noise Abatement Procedures)

  • Part 127: Commercial Helicopter Operations: passengers, cargo and mail (Noise Abatement Procedures)

  • Part 128: Helicopter Aerial Work and Certain Other Air Service Operations (Noise Abatement Procedures)

  • Part 139: Aerodromes and Heliports. (Monitoring of aircraft noise and reporting violations, Establishment of aerodrome/heliport environmental programmes & Maintenance of aerodrome/ heliport environmental management programmes)


Applicable Civil Aviation Technical Standards (CATS)

  • SA-CATS 139: Aerodromes and Heliports (General duties of holder of licence- Monitoring of aircraft noise).

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