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Type Acceptance Certificates

Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC) means an approval issued in terms of regulation South African Civil Aviation Regulations (SACAR) 21.04.5, which signifies SACAA acceptance of the foreign Type Certificate (TC) of a product (aircraft, engine, or propeller), for which the holder is the foreign Type Certificate (TC) holder.

The TAC defines the product design approval (TC) accepted, states who is the holder of the TAC, and lists any additional limitations or conditions applied for SACAA acceptance of the product. It also identifies the category of the product (standard, or restricted for special purpose operations).

In order to place an aircraft on the SA Civil Aircraft Register, the aircraft must have been issued a TAC by the Director, as per SACAR 47.00.5 (2) (a) (iv).

In order to issue a Certificate of Airworthiness for an imported aircraft, the aircraft must have been issued with a TAC by the Director, as per SACAR 21.08.4 (1) (b) (i), and the aircraft must conform to that TAC, as per SACAR 21.08.4 (2) (a).

These have been requirements since the promulgation of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations of 1997.

The Technical Guidance Material describes how the SACAA Certification Engineering section processes an application for the issuing of a TAC.


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