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Airworthiness Directives

MAN 50 - stolen aircraft engines and parts2013-10-18
RSA AD 2013-001 - Emergency AD re R44 Bladder Fuel Tanks2013-05-17
MAN No 002 - Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters flex plate failure2013-04-12
Engine time between overhaul (TBO) on YAK aircraft fitted with M14P engines and using AV-308 propellers2012-03-30
MAN 044 - Design Organisation Approval and Supplemental Type Certificate requirements for modifications2011-09-17
MAN 043 - Unapproved changes to aircraft installed equipment , products or parts2011-04-10
MAN 043 - Changes to aircraft installed equipment2011-04-10
MAN 046 - Stolen aircraft components2010-10-28
AD No 43 – Changes to an aircrafts installed equipment and the completion of form CA 43-02 or CA 43-03 inspection report2010-05-04
MAN 042 - Installation of Antennae on Pressurised Aircraft2010-03-29
Certificate Of Airworthiness And Currency Fees2009-11-11
RSA AD NO 07-002 - Revision 1 - Boeing 737-200 serieis aircraft2007-11-09
RSA AD 07-001 - Applicable to all Boeing 75, A75, B75, D75, E75, and IB75 series aircraft2007-07-29
MAN 035 - Telematic System Installation Interface2006-04-19
Mandatory inspection Cessna 400 type aircrat2006-01-25
RSA AD 04-01 R2 - Fitment of External Safety Cables2004-12-20
RSA AD 04 - Required Maintenance for all Aircraft Ignition Systems and Associated Equipment2003-01-01
MAN 001 - Adherence to maintenance requiremetns as stipulated by the manufacturer of Thielert Diesel engines2002-06-19
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