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Access to information contained on SACAR

Official Notice relating to access to information contained in the South African Civil Aircraft Register

In terms of Part 47 of the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs), the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is expected to keep a record of all aircraft registered in South Africa.

The Regulation states the following:

Part 47.01.7

(1) The Director shall maintain a register of South African aircraft, which is called the "South African Civil Aircraft

      Register (SACAR)".

(2) The SACAR shall contain at least the following particulars:

2.1. the full names and, if any, the trade name of the holder of the certificate of registration;

2.2. the postal, physical address and other possible contact details such as telephone and email of the holder of the

       certificate of registration;

2.3. the date on which the aircraft was registered on the SACAR for the first time;

2.4. the date on which the aircraft was registered in the name of the holder;

2.5. the aircraft manufacturer's type designation, model and serial number; and

2.6. the nationality and registration marks of the aircraft.

(3) With the exception of (2.2) above, the SACAA has made the above information available which may be accessed by clicking on the link called List of aircraft on SACAR to the right of this screen or by clicking on this link
      According to the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) some information relating to aircraft ownership can 
     only be made available to the public as prescribed in the provisions of the Act.  This is due to the sensitive nature of 
     such information.  For this reason, the SACAA has established the below process through which interested parties 
     can access information from the SACAR without contravening the provisions of existing legislation relating to access
     to information. Industry or related parties who need access to the information in the SACAR must therefore follow  
     the procedure as described in the Access to Information Policy which may be accessed by going to Information For
     the Industry / Legal Notices and then clicking on the General Notice and Access to Information Manual links.

3.1. Information may be requested by  completing Form CA 183-113. Such a request must be accompanied by the 
      appropriate payment as stipulated in Form CA 183-113. This form must be completed in full and submitted to

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