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Aeronautical Charts (Consult latest NOTAM for possible hand amendments)

Aerodrome ChartAerodrome LayoutAD_0111 OCT 2018
Aerodrome ChartRampAD_0208 JUL 04
FAKN_ILS Z RWY 05_ILS-01.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartILS Z RWY 05ILS_0123 APR 2020
FAKN_ILS Y RWY 05_ILS-02.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartILS Y RWY 05ILS_0223 APR 2020
FAKN_ILS X_ RWY 05_ILS-03.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartILS X RWY 05ILS_0319 JUL 2018
FAKN__NDB RWY 05_NDB-01.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartNDB RWY05NDB_0119 JUL 2018
FAKN__NDB RWY 23_NDB-02.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartNDB RWY 23NDB_0219 JUL 2018
FAKN_VOR RWY 05_VOR - 01.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartVOR/DME RWY 05VOR_0119 JUL 2018
FAKN_VOR RWY 23_VOR - 02.pdf
Instrument Approach ChartVOR/DME RWY 23VOR_0219 JUL 2018
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