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SACAA Committees

Legal and Aviation Compliance division provide Legal support services to the following industry related Committees ​ ​ ​
1Civil Aviation Regulations CommitteeCARCom
CARCom Subcommittees ​ ​ ​
1.1Aviation InfrastructureAI
1.2Aviation Safety OperationsASO
1.3Aviation Security AVSEC
1.4Fees and General Procedures Fees
SACAA and Industry participated Committees ​ ​
1General Aviation Safety InitiativeGASI
2Industry Liaison ForumILF
3National Airspace CommitteeNASCom
4National Aviation Security CommitteeNASC
5Safety Review PanelSRP
6State Safety ProgrammeSSP
7ICAO Task TeamITT
8Aeromedical Committee 

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