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About Legal and Aviation Compliance

The Legal and Aviation Compliance Division (LAC) provides legal and technical advisory services to the Board, Office of the Director of Civil Aviation and SACAA Divisions.

LAC's functions are carried out through the following departments:  


  1. Support Technical Divisions and Aviation Industry in developing and promoting appropriate, clear and concise regulations and technical aviation safety standards;
  2. Serve as a Secretariat for the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCom).

For Regulation Development department contact details click here.


  1. Oversee investigations and Enforcement action, ensuring adherence to South African Civil Aviation laws and regulations in line with Part 185 of the Civil Aviation Regulations.
  2. Support to SACAA Technical divisions on safety and security audits, suspensions and grounding of aircraft.

For Enforcement Department contact details click here.


  1. Provide Legal advice and support to the SACAA business units, whilst protecting the organisation against legal risk.

  2. Drafting of legal opinions, contracts and other legal documents.

  3. Attend to litigation instituted by or against the SACAA.  SACAA has appointed a panel of attorneys who are utilised to handle litigious cases.

For General Legal advisory department contact details click here


  1. Oversee the State compliance with ICAO Safety and Security 8 Critical Elements, through through self-assessment audits, monitoring of the Compliance checklists and Electronic Filing of Differences​.

  2. Facilitate the South African responses to ICAO On-Line Framework (OLF) requirements.

For ICAO Compliance department contact details click here

Technical Library

This division is responsible for managing the Technical Library, which acquires, classifies, catalogues, and maintains an up-to-date collection and provides access to electronic and printed aviation-related information to support core business units in their operations. Their services include the provision of aviation related material, updating of Aircraft Manufacturer manuals, acquisition and subscription management and verification of library material.

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