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Areas of Oversight

The roles and responsibilities of the SACAA revolve around the following four areas of oversight: 

Aviation Security

The mandate of the Aviation Security Division relates to the security of airports, air operators, cargo, the safe transportation of dangerous goods as well as the oversight of aviation security training organisations.


Aviation Infrastructure

The Air Safety Infrastructure Division is responsible for ensuring that South African airports, helistops, heliports and airspace are safe. In addition, this division also ensures that off-airport structures that may affect the safety of air navigation comply with all safety standards as required by the Regulations. The division is also responsible for the approval of flight procedures and the licensing of Air Traffic Controllers. Furthermore, the division is responsible for the provision of aeronautical safety information to the industry in accordance with ICAO requirements.


Aviation Safety Operations

This division ensures the regulatory compliance and safety oversight of all Air Operators, Aviation Training Organisations, Designated Flight Examiners, Designated Aviation Medical Examiners and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. In addition, the Air Safety Operations Division is also responsible for Flight Inspections, Maintenance of Examinations, Testing Standards and Aviation Medical Standards in the South African aviation context. The division also certifies the safety compliance of Aviation Navigation Aids.  

The Division is also concerned with ensuring that all aircraft that fly in our airspace are airworthy. Included in the Division's mandate is the upkeep of the civilian aircraft register; ensuring that civilian aircraft are maintained in accordance with requirements, oversight of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations, the approval of aircraft modifications and Supplementary Type Certificates and to ascertain that maintenance engineers adhere to the applicable regulations. 


Accident and Incident Investigation
The AIID investigates accidents and incidents to determine the probable causes of such accidents. The investigation philosophy will ultimately result in the necessary corrective interventions being undertaken in order to prevent the recurrence of similar aircraft accidents. It is important to remember that investigations are not meant to apportion blame or legal liability.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the SACAA and the Department of Transport (DoT) regarding the separation of the duties of the Accident and Incident Investigation (AIID) Division from the SACAA.   The content of this MOU connotes that the staff complement of the AIID will report through the Executive Manager: AIID to a nominated official in DoT on a functional basis.  However, AIID will continue to be part of the SACAA administratively. 

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